Almost 150 years ago a shallow wizard Elifas Levi triyng to achieve infernal secrets made a terrible mistake or conciousnessly played a bad trick – he popularised the distorted image of Baphomet. The princess of Inferno, Her Highness Satan declares officially that her beloved Baphomet never been:

  • female of Satan;
  • alchemist.

Even taking part in the potion trading Baphomet is not an alchemist, and has no right no to solve, no to coagula. Because this ancient prophecy about the great alchemist which gets the philosopher’s stone after a lot of labours – is a ciphered future forecast about Satan“s birth. The Imperial Palace officially declares that Baphomet can’t be Satan’s father.

Also, it’s necessary to remember, that the very word Baphomet can be translated from Arabic as «white kid». The history of this character increases to the times of the ancient Egypt and to a god of town Mendes. His name, Banebjedet can’t be translated from Greek, as some mystics say, but from Arabic. Also, we take as a due to mark, that ancient mythology doesn’t see any difference between a lamb and a kid and Banebjedet is a clear proof to this phenomenon – in Egypt «the goat of Mendes» had four ram’s heads.

Thus, it’s possible to consider Baphomet as Behemoth, both kid and lamb, this Hibrew word means plural of «livestock».

Other side, the authorities understand rosicrucian’s problems, especially Silanum and voice a hope to finish it soon, as minimum – it’s part concerning the Tarot system and Bible.