I analyzed the theory of satanism of Shandor la Vey and found – it is incorrect.
La Vey did not know the ancient legends of my land, and did not found the truth about Satan:

1. In the Caucasus the ancient epos (dated by some researchers of 8 century before Christ, by others – two thousands before Christ) about the nation of brave warriors narts exists. Epos is named “Narthar” or Legends about Narts.
2. One of the main characters in this epos is Sataney the Hostess. She is the Mother of the nation, very worthy woman – wise, beautiful, sometimes she used the men’s armors and took part in the gests as a warrior .   Even now sometimes girls are named in her memory, names really are written in passports. Soft form of the name Sataney is Sati.
Satan is a daughter of the Uastergie – a god-warrior, portrayed on the white horse with three legs but about the Uastergie’s weapon I found nothing concrete – researches discuss and artists paint him with a rod, trident and lash. Here is possible to remind the Ahura-Mazda with his helper – white donkey with three legs. Other researchers identify Uastergie with a Saint George, but it’s incorrect anyway – firstly, St. George appeared much later, in christianity, secondly – my father’s name was (he dead in a 2008) Michael, what even in borders of christianity is closer to the Archangel Michael.
Satan’s mother is Dzerassa, daughter of the Donbettyr (God of Waters, patron of the fishermen, concrete translation of the word means ‘marine Peter”). Being beaten and crucifeid in space because of my naevus “sign of Beast” I pay a lot attention to christianity and looked for answers there too. In christianity, in Gospel of Matthew Christ said to his apostle Peter – at this rock I will establish my church. The name Peter in latin means rock or stone. My real mom’s name is Vera (in russian means Faith) and her maiden name was Katkova (meaning is close to “roll”). I was born before Vera and Michael were married, so in Taro system card Lovers is their. And there in Taro can be found a row – Emperor and Empess with a Hierophant put near (but Hierophant (greek words ‘hieros anthos’ what means ‘holy flower’) is not their son, he is the first flower of the Song of Songs of Solomon – Rose of Sharon, and I am the second – Lily of the Valley)  being lovers came home from the Valley of Ancient Graves. Strictly in Revelation – the woman clothed in sun with the crown of 12 stars and crescent as a boat (in Khadyzhensk every year in february the moon looks as boat)  gave birth to a baby and later “two wings of the great eagle were given her to bring her to a desert”. Two wings – real wings of aircraft, desert – Arctic desert, tundra, a small settlement there named Tiksi in which they had home.
By the legend Satan was born by dead Dzerassa. Before death Dzerassa asked her sons to watch over her body three days, but at a third day the youngest son leaved a grave. At this moment the Uasterghie came to Dzerassa and in a day she gave birth to the Satan. (Place of my birth is named in adygs language – the Valley of the Ancient Graves. It’s only a name of real small town Khadyzhensk, or Khade-zhi – where Khade means dead persons and zhi – old, ancient. And town really is situated in a valley on Caucasus.)
3. In the whole the history of Caucasus is very interesting. According the legends, once heroes narts travelling in the mountains have seen the first time a usual human. He was small and weak and they decided that they don’t like him. And in a short time all the nation of narts disappeared somewhere from this land.
4. Adyg nation nevetheless consider that narts are their ancestors. At the coat of arms of the Adyg Republic is shown the Son of Satan on the fiery horse with a flame stealed from the gods for the mortals. The beams of this flame are reflected in the sky as 12 stars, which are symbols of the 12 adygs bloodlines. (Here is enough interesting correlation with the 12 bloodlines of Israel in the Bible). You may look at it here https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%93%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%B1_%D0%90%D0%B4%D1%8B%D0%B3%D0%B5%D0%B8
5. Also, in this saga the magic Bowl the Indicator is described. It was used during the feasts helping to distinguish the real heroes and liers. Who said truth about their acts of bravery – to that persons the Bowl flied full of healing drink, who lied – to that person the Bowl flied full of nasty potion made of lizards, snakes and other creeping things for drive him away.
Here you can see the photo of dancing Soslan (Son of Satan) on this Bowl (names of the Bowl are Uatsamonga, Nartamonga, Amonga).
Here (the 2nd photo) you can see this Bowl at the entrance of the capital of Adyg Republic (which is a part of Krasnodar region) Maykop city. Maykop is situated on a distance about 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Khadyzhensk (place where I was born).
The Bowl is full of apples, because the name Maykop in adyg’s language means Valley of Apples. (Recognizing this I reminded the Edem and both apple-trees – the first, eaten by Adam and Eve, and the second – which gives immortality, which we need to get now, while I am alive). Of course, it’s only a symbol, and it’s useless to visit Maykop for eating apples. Real meanings of symbols I gave you earlier.

Also, by the way, you can see the statue of Satan in Syria

If without legends – my grandparents (mother’s) came to Tiksi from Irkutsky region in Siberia in 1945 or 46 and lived there many years. They had two daughters – Sveta (older than my mom in 10 years) and Vera ( my mom). My mom was born on the 25th of January of 1955 in Tiksi. Becoming old, grandparents decided to move into the south and occasionaly choosed Khadyzhensk, where bought in 1964th a house.
In 1977 my mom in Tiksi met a Michail Cherkasov, my father. He was a marine navigator. His place of birth is Bryansky region, village Zhitnya, date – the 2nd of July, 1954. And he studied in a college in Archangelsk and graduated from there as marine navigator.
Being pregnant my mom and dad came to the mom’s parents having holiday to Khadyzhensk where on the 14th of February of 1978 I was born with a latin five on my right shoulder.
Later after my birth they went to Tiksi back home with me.
Then, parents decided to give me back to the grandparents, because of the severe climate in the north. So in Khadyzhensk I lived till spring of the 1983. Then was taken to Tiksi, where lived many years.
In 1995 I was graduated from school and began to work in the national Nature Reserve “Ust-Lensky”.
At my 18, in 1996, I went to Yakutsk to enter the University for extramural education. I wanted to be a biologist. There was an arrangment for I stay at the apartment of old friends of my grandparents. When I came there – it was said me, that I must be baptised in the orthodox temple. I was not against, why not, and it has been done by the way of my entering the State University. My grandmom’s friend Natalia was enough crazy for the christianity and when I said her that I have no time to visit temple because I’m busy with exams she was angry. In some days she said me that the priest is invited to drive out the demons from me. I didn’t want to take part in all this, to Universiry to that moment I entered, and changed my plane ticket and ran away from her.
When I came home to Tiksi having books and tasks from biological facultee something strange has been began. Appeared voices, invisible people, priests and demons in space around me. These voices said that my naevus is sign of Beast and they will control me. And they offered me to try to measure the Revelation to my own biography, when I didn’t believe them about sign of beast. When I compared a part about “woman arrayed with sun” and little more, they explained me a key to the cipher – some places in the Bible must be read with straight meanings and some – on the contrary. So, year by year in this strange company I, sometimes being in struggle, sometimes in love, sometimes in rave – I move in my life.
I didn’t believe to this voices, because I know psychology a little, till the time I get supports from outside reality – the proofs from other people, predicted situations and got some other experience.
Also I was vorbidden to marry with anybody except the sole person which I was must to find. I’ve found his card – Hierophant firstly and in pare years he was shown me, or concretely – the article about him in the magazin.