Soon after baptism in 1996 I was offered to choose Tarot cards which are close to me. At that moment I was explained only about my beast mark and was depressed because of it. I had no a deck at that time and didn’t remember their names. Of course I chose a Devil, who else can be close to the person born with a beast mark? And demons said that I’m not a Devil, but they must send me to him. Although with a Devil we got a friendship and he helped me a lot especially in math and computers, but with demons I had a lot of battling in the spiritual space.

On 2005 I was offered by demons to take the Tarot deck again, concretely the Major Arcanas and choose from them the cards which can have any relation to my family using straight and inverted meanings. I collected:

– 3 Empress (woman arrayed with sun),

– 4 Emperor (her husband, I considered it as my father),

– 11 Strength – a picture with lion – it a Zodiac sign, which is situated across the Aquarius (Mom is Aquarius),

– 14 Tempenance — concretely Angel sinking water is painted there, it too means Aquarius, and with a card number 14 — shows my date of birth.

– 17 — the Star among seven smaller stars. I considered it as seven stars of the Major Bear and Polar Star — my Mom was born in the Arctic, in Tiksi, there Polar Star is almost in zenyth.

– 18 – the Moon – my father’s birthday is on the 2nd of July, it’s Cancer in Zodiac.

– 20 – the Judgement – at this card is painted a cemetery. If remember that name of my native town means on adyg language «a Valley of the Ancient Graves» – it“s my place of birth.

Then demons offered me to use the formula of the Golden Section — 22 divided into 7 using natural numbers. Nought is not natural so I put it aside and other cards in three rows in order of their numbers. Got very interesting structure, in which cards of my parents are weaved and lay in the center of the structure and my lay at the right lower corner.

I was asked also to find the etymology of my last name. I found that it has meaning close to «dead» and added to the structure 13th Arcana. It looked as passport data – dates of birth, places of birth and the World, Empress and Emperor instead photos.

In the structure mother’s cards looked as a triangle, father’s I got only two, but logically considered the Wheel of Fortune as a place of his birth.

Demons said that this structure is named the Scipeter among Rosicrucians. I was in a deep doubts and went to Internet where one person in the chat being asked about cipher – 3,4 10,11 17,18 13,14,20,21 said the same — it’s formula of a Scipeter.